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Blarney Ventures is an investment holding company that is fundamentally changing the way Venture Capital operates today. We focus our investments on two primary business drivers: First, capital appreciation and return of equity on businesses and sectors we know. Blarney Ventures has over 75+ years of operational “hands on” experience in a wide variety of business sectors. We apply our investment thesis and proven track record of results by then turning today’s leading technology and service companies into revenue producing growth engines.

Our philosophy is to provide the monetary resources and tools necessary to mitigate the risk in building a company while simultaneously amplifying its growth potential at both early stage and public companies . Our unique approach gives companies the best chance of succeeding, by not only providing the financial capital to grow, but the tenured experience of seasoned executive professionals willing to help in building all facets of the business operations to achieve long termed self-sustainable growth.

We provide access to best-in -class, enterprise-level sales and marketing talent, analytics, and modeling to aid each company specific to their needs. By leveraging our vast portfolio of affiliated sales and marketing programs, we are able to pinpoint the right messaging, positioning, and distribution strategy for businesses we partner with. Blarney Ventures is truly unique in this space because of its commitment to combining strong financial backing with a focused dedication to helping companies at all stages with achieving sales and marketing operational excellence.

The Blarney Ventures team makes investments in fundamental business principles that can be leveraged to facilitate a company’s initial MVP stage, validating product market fit, rebirth, or amplify an organization’s opportunity for accelerated growth. By creating structured sales channels, implementing analytical approaches to marketing, and anticipating scalability across product development, we mitigate the risk associated with capital investment, allowing companies at all stages for a greater chance to become self sustaining long term.


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