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Blarney Ventures is an investment holding company that is fundamentally changing the outsourcing space. Our story started in mid 2014 when our founding partner walked down 2nd Street in San Francisco, saw the KPMG building and thought, “is there a company doing that for sales and marketing?” The answer was no; there were competitors in certain fragments of the space such as branding, digital marketing, sales consulting, outsourced sales, and inbound marketing, but no single comprehensive program that included all of these aspects. That was the genesis of Blarney Ventures.

Five years later, we own and operate FullFunnel, VSMA, and Practice Alchemy, and have a non-controlling interest in Fyxer, all of which provide outsourced professional services with a concentration on sales and marketing. We have an ever-growing portfolio of businesses which leverage the same core infrastructure that has allowed our flagship brand, FullFunnel, to become a major player in the outsourcing space in a few short years.

 Our objectives are simple. We aim to create a world-class outsourcing partnership opportunity for businesses to partially or holistically outsource their sales and marketing programs and achieve above industry average results. We measure success on a “return on deployed capital” thesis, which allows us to create valuable, tangible outcomes for our partners. We see our partners’ investments as “capital under management” and we quantify production like a professional asset manager.


We are reinventing the space.


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