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Blarney Ventures is an investment holding company focused on delivering sales and marketing growth for private and public global companies first, and investing second. With this approach, we provide significant value up front by accelerating revenue for our portfolio companies and partners, helping them to raise their next round while simultaneously reducing the risk inherent in early stage funding.


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   Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC



FullFunnel, a wholly owned BV subsidiary, is on a mission to redefine how organizations deploy sales and marketing. With an emphasis on people, platform, and process, FullFunnel is the leading sales and marketing outsourcing and advisory firm that accelerates growth, drives efficiency, and achieves the results organization's desire without the costs they dread. You may visit here.



 San Francisco, California



VSMA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blarney Ventures, knows finding sales and marketing talent is tough. Recruiting, training, mentoring, and attrition make the opportunity costs of hiring these positions wildly expensive in today’s market. VSMA was created to serve sales and marketing leaders with our fully vetted, professionally trained sales and marketing assistants. Let VSMA take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level. You may visit here.



 London, England





“Partnering with Blarney Ventures has accelerated our business more than any other capital partner. Their operational acumen coupled with their access to best in class marketing and sales expertise, has proven to be invaluable to our company as we scale.” -Richard Hollingsworth, CEO


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